Working hard but not seeing money or success?

Conscious Business Success Masterclass

Friday 22nd March 2024 2.30pm-4pm GMT

If you’ve been working hard and not gaining traction in your business, not seeing the financial or lifestyle fruits of your labours, or just know you could go so much further if you overcome the unconscious, limiting beliefs which hold you back, then this free masterclass is for you.

What is The SUCCESS Framework and what will you learn and receive?

In The SUCCESS Framework you’ll take a journey to create true, business success and a healthy relationship with money and wealth. Each letter is a signpost on the way and follows on the letter before so take them in sequence.
By the end you will be aware of and freer from so many of the beliefs and fears that have held you back and you’ll become more empowered, confident and discerning, ready to embrace so many more opportunities and much higher
levels of success.

The Success Framework

S is for being Specific and Setting your Intention for Conscious Business

It is really important to be really clear on your Intention for your success in business and with finance. These first two steps will give the clarity and the alignment for you to keep your focus. If we’re not definite and clear, we are much more likely to just take what comes to us rather than make a clear choice of what is right for us, our development and success. In this step we will ask you on a deep and wide level what it is you truly want for yourself in life and in business.

U is for Unique, Unshakeable and Unwavering

In this step we will take your Unique and Unshakeable intention and create a visualisation meditation to strengthen your power and become magnetic to all that you need to fulfil upon it. Setting your intention is like plotting your destination on a map. You’ll become really clear at what you’re aiming for and you’ll assess any decisions you make as moving you closer or diverting you from your path. You’ll create your unique visualisation , the visceral sensation and emotional feeling of who you are when you are living in that destination. This is where you will be living from. This powerful part of your identity.

C is for Consciousness-raising, Clearing and Completions

In this step you will learn how to become the person you need to be to attract great success, by discovering your unhelpful patterns in relation to success, money and visibility and rising above them. Most of the unhelpful patterns in these areas are unconscious, so this step will help you bring things into your mind that you can work on and release. From there you can truly embrace and embody your success identity and open to powerful worldly success. It’s learning to be more of who you really are, rather than trying to be something you’re not. It’s letting go of old fears and self-protections. It’s uncovering your personal strengths and capitalising on them.

C is for Capability, Confidence and Capacity

In this step, you will honour and own your capabilities, confidence and capacities. You will really become aware of your skills and talents, the things you enjoy that are effortless. You will have seen that you have blocked your capacity to receive, undermined your confidence and thus reduced your capability. You now engage in releasing the blocks in your way and open up to who you truly are and what you truly deserve to receive. You will increase and expand your trust in the universe and open your arms to embrace all it wants to give to you.

E is for Energy, Enthusiasm, Engagement and Enjoyment

You will commit to living from your most energetic enthusiastic, engaged identity to create your business in the least effortful way possible. Living from this joy, brings lightness and creativity, synchronicity and supportive coincidences. From this wonderful part of your identity, you will become radiant, attractive in business, magnetic to wealth and abundance, confident in your visibility and talents, and inviting to others to buy from you. The universe will see you and support you even more as you live in alignment with your intention and contribution.

S is for Strength, Spirit, Sustainability and Support

In this step you will learn how to become and stay strongly aligned with your intention through deeper connection with the Divine. You will address all the aspects of support and self-development you may need to sustain you.

S is for Self-acknowledgement and Satisfaction

This step will include self-acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude to raise your vibration to lightness and joy, to facilitate your creativity and capacity to take inspired action in service to your success, abundance and contribution.

I had been certified as a Calling In The One coach for a few years but hadn’t been able to set up my practice and really make a go of it. Attending Heather and Eva’s Business course really helped me to overcome the blocks and barriers that I was experiencing around money and visibility and since then I’ve experienced huge shifts in my life and business. The group was so supportive and nurturing and Heather and Eva’s experience and inspiration, invaluable. I would fully recommend this course for anyone just starting out in their business, or lacking in confidence to take their practice to the next level!

I grew in confidence in a way that is brand new to me and I'm really celebrating that I matured a lot this year in terms of my work. I'm really happy with my schedule being so full and the lump sums that are coming in day after day after day. That just feels great.

Heather Garbutt Relationship Coach
Heather Garbutt Relationship Coach

About Your Hosts

The Conscious Business Success and Healthy Money Identity Programme began forming in our minds when we saw that many of our fellow love and relationship coaches were doing excellent work with their clients, but many, including us, were blocked by unconscious negative  beliefs about money, visibility and success. 

Eva Andriessen and I created this course to guide you to change radically, to step into your successful business identity, be powerfully visible in the world with clients seeking to work with you. You’ll be more able to charge the fees you need to live well. You’ll give your contribution to the people who need you. You’ll deepen your connection with The Divine to support and guide you every step of the way. Through this, we have seen people really change their lives! 

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