Personalised Meditation


The Law of Attraction asserts that a major part of creating the future you desire is having a clear and strong vision of exactly what you want it to be like containing all the qualities and details of it and feeling yourself within that life. I would love to create a guided visualisation meditation specifically for you, personally tailored to your vision and your intention for your future.

For Conscious Uncoupling this could describe for you the ideal life that you are living beyond your break up, – calm, harmonious and relaxed and comfortable, open to new beginnings.

For Calling in The One this will describe the feeling and felt senses of being in the living relationship that truly fulfils you, brings deep joy and meets your needs.

I will make you a guiding meditation to listen to, shaped to your dreams for your future, laying a wonderful foundation towards building the life you are drawing towards you.

I’d love to make a personal Meditation for you to help you open to a life of love and fulfilment. Book a call with me to discuss all the details you would like included in your visualisation.