Follow your heart to a happier future

Attract joyful, deep, committed love!

Don’t just survive, thrive!

In Calling in The One, I coach you to move from a place of loneliness and longing into a life of fulfilled love and intimate companionship. It’s a short, deep effective process, a new paradigm in love relationships.

Heather Garbutt
Heather was very professional… I felt every week there was a breakthrough, but the biggest were to really open my heart, feel love and what I really desire…to acknowledge what is true to me.

I am open for love and willing to explore now.


I learned what a truly strong person I am, and that I am good enough as I am. (Heather) was always so encouraging in regards to my insecurities, learnings and experiences past and present.

(Heather) helped me uncover some deep seated fears about men and relationships. I had a lot of “aha” moments and recognition about where I had been holding on to grief about past relationships, uncovering subconscious hopes.

In Conscious Uncoupling I coach you to move from conflicting feelings and anxiety in relation to your ex into a place of calm, understanding, clear mindedness and inner strength. This supports you to have the best relationship with them that you can, or to separate safely.

Heather was magnificent and making me feel cared for and attended to. She has a beautiful way of extending her heart and listening deeply, reflecting lovingly. This was probably the most profound and healing counselling/coaching work I’ve ever experienced.


I healed the past! Feeling much more optimistic and hopeful about the future.

I finally realised/understood respect for myself, started to value myself and most importantly love myself. Heather has been my sounding board to guide me through learning/understanding what is and isn’t ok about how others have treated me. I finally let go of my old behaviours.

It was a magnificent experience! I owe Heather a huge debt of gratitude, I’m a different person to the one who started coaching with her!

I always felt safe and supported by Heather, she moved at my pace, her tone was always encouraging or supportive. She applauded my successes and I always knew she had my back.

The Foundation for Love Meditation


This guided meditation opens the door to receiving the love, respect and commitment you most desire to receive from your true love.

Personalised Meditation


Have a personalised meditation created for you to listen to, shaped to your dreams for your future, laying a wonderful foundation towards building the life you are drawing towards you.

This Process Was Absolutely Life‑Changing

“The Calling in “The One” process was absolutely life-changing. Not only did I meet my future husband as a result, but all the relationships in my life completely transformed. I’ve never felt so much love, connection, and intimacy before. I can’t recommend the program enough.”

— Jana S.


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