Calling in "The One" Love and Dating Coach

When you're looking for True Love

With new powerful qualities of discernment, self-worth and groundedness, you will be choosing your partner, the person who best fits your way of being, your feelings, needs and dreams.  Get ready for deep, happy, committed love!


I will guide you through the seven steps to:

  • Create a vividly strong image of what you want in your partner
  • Learn to be the person you want to be in that relationship and in your life
  • Become powerfully attractive to the person you desire

In the process we will:

  • Complete missing pieces of emotional development
  • Develop relationship intelligence and skills
  • Let go of the past
  • Help you find yourself, your strength, your beauty
  • Move you forwards into the true, most grown up, alluring and powerful you!

“Calling in “The One” helped me to define what I was looking for and to create a path to call in the love of my life. Now my fiancée and I are shopping for engagement rings. It works!”

Debra, Medical Doctor

How does Calling in “The One” differ from other approaches to finding true love?

Often people seeking a love partner will turn to practical, “how to” methods such as dating advice or behavioural approaches that make us look more attractive to their date. These approaches have their place, for sure, but may cause us to look only at external reasons for us not having the love we heartily desire. We can miss some very important points and develop mistaken beliefs that e.g. “there are no good men left in the world”, “all the good women are involved elsewhere”, “I’m not physically attractive enough” and often “there must be something wrong with me because no one wants me”.

Instead of focusing on the external issues, the Calling in “The One” approach looks within to uncover and dissolve our underlying blocks to love, erroneous beliefs and self-obstructing patterns that prevent the fulfilment of love and relationship even though they are our heart’s desire.

Calling in “The One” aims to help us recognise and release these defences against love and allow us to let our love shine and be seen so we become magnetic to love.

What we want today is a Soulmate

“Never before have we been so picky in choosing a mate. Our grandmother’s criteria for a partner was basically, “Does he have a job?” but now we want so much more – a soulmate and equal who is emotionally intelligent, financially healthy, intellectually stimulating, sexually compatible and spiritually aligned. That’s a tall order. And conscious relationships require a certain degree of self-awareness, self-responsibility and healthy relationship skills. Calling in “The One” supports us to excel at all three.”

— Katherine Woodward Thomas

Without addressing the deep old patterns from our childhood, we are likely to repeat them in our adult love relationships. Calling in “The One” coaching enables us to complete and heal these old relationships and their legacy within us so we are set free to attract the best love relationship we can create.

Find out more

The private one on one coaching program that I offer is 7 weeks long but we begin with just one introductory session to make sure that it’s a fit for you.

I work with people over Skype, Zoom, on the phone or in person.

Contact me to find out more and to see if it’s right for you.

About Heather Garbutt

Heather has a deep, warm and holding presence and a wise mind and heart. She engages you with the emotionally expressive language of the creative artist and holds a true vision of love fulfilled for each and every one of her clients. She has come to Calling In “The One” through her own personal journey and was inspired to train as a coach to help other people who have been disappointed in relationships and life to find their true love partner and purpose in their world.

As a Psychotherapist and Art Therapist of 35 years standing, she was delighted to find such a wonderful new method to fast forward the growth and development of the people she works with. She takes joy in birthing them through to their true self, freed from fears of emotional intimacy, to be the best they can be and truly enriched with love for themselves and their beloveds.

Heather Garbutt