Couple's Relationship Coaching

For a lifetime of love

Your roadmap to happy, thriving and lasting love

“A true love story is not a fairy tale”, as John Gottman says. “It takes vulnerability and effort. The reward is that you love your partner more on your 50th anniversary than you did on your wedding day. You can stay in love forever. Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small gestures, and small acts. A lifetime of love is created every single day you are together. Getting to know your partner does not end the minute you return the moving van or the minute you say ‘I do’. It never ends.”

With new powerful qualities of discernment, self-worth and groundedness, you will be choosing your partner, the person who best fits your way of being, your feelings, needs and dreams.

You can spend a lifetime being curious about the inner world of your partner and being brave enough to share your own inner world and never be done discovering all there is to know about each other.

It’s exciting. It’s daunting.

And it’s one of the greatest life adventures you can take.

Perfection is not the price of love. Practice is.

It’s about practicing to express our love and how to receive our partner’s love.

Close couple kissing

Love is an action even more than a feeling and it requires intention and attention, a practice which is called attunement.

Decades of research have shown that great relationships are built on respect, empathy, and a profound understanding of each other.

The big secret to creating love that lasts and
grows over time is simple. Make dedicated non- negotiable time for each other a priority and never stop being curious about your partner.

This new programme will show you how to have the conversations that lead to intimacy, to awareness and to a deep and meaningful understanding of one another – the ways you are the same and the ways you are different.

This will allow you to be a relationship master and not a disaster. It will give you the framework for conversations you and your partner should have before committing to each other. This programme can be followed individually or as a couple.

Who this is for


You are divorced, in a new relationship and don’t want to make the same mistakes again


You are planning your future together


Your nest is empty – what next for the two of you ?

8 dates around 8 topics to connect deeply:

Trust and commitment
Fun and adventure
Growth and spirituality

Here’s what you’ll receive:


10 coaching sessions including introduction and final review


The 4 Skills of Intimate Conversation


The Art of Listening Tool Box


Step by step exercises and engaging questions to deepen your connection on each date

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