Conscious Uncoupling Relationship Coach

Helping you to Divorce or Separate well

Do you want to separate or divorce in the most cooperative, dignified and respectful way? Then Conscious Uncoupling is for you!  Don’t just survive, thrive!

This elegant process is five steps long and uses, as your guiding light, the ideal relationship that you would like with your former partner for the future. This may involve co-operation or total separation – whatever is right for you.  Your Conscious Uncoupling Relationship Coach will be there to guide you.

In 5 Steps you will:

  • rediscover and become more secure and powerful in yourself
  • understand and express your feelings,
  • grow through any unhelpful patterns of relating
  • learn new skills to manage differences
  • create new ways of relating to your former partner
  • better safeguard your children’s happiness
  • better negotiate financial security for your future
  • learn how to create a more satisfying life for yourself
  • heal your heart ready for new love

If you are suffering from unresolved issues from an earlier relationship, then having a Conscious Uncoupling Relationship Coach will help you to:

  • work through any residual feelings
  • walk out from the shadows cast by the past
  • find yourself, your strength, your beauty
  • create a more satisfying life
  • heal your heart ready for new love

“Conscious Uncoupling is a kind and compassionate guide on how to overcome break up grief and use it to transform and enrich your entire life.”

John Gray, New York Times bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Conscious Uncoupling is a process which applies coaching principles to the process of separation. Like in Calling In “The One”, it works backwards from the future goal. In Conscious Uncoupling the goal is of calm, kindly resolution of the relationship issues to ensure that each party can go on released from any baggage. It means creating a fair and civilised separation, resolving and completing the difficult dynamics that may have contributed towards their mismatch. Couples with children can focus on continuing to create a happy future for them by creating a cooperative, mutually respectful and supportive relationship in which to continue parenting their family.

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About Heather Garbutt

Heather has a deep, warm and holding presence and a wise mind and heart. She engages you with emotionally expressive language to deeply understand and support you. She helps you create and holds a true vision of a better future. She has come to Conscious Uncoupling through her own personal journey and was inspired to train as a coach to help other people who have been disappointed in relationships to find resolution, repair and future happiness in love.

As a Psychotherapist and Art Therapist of 35 years standing, she is delighted to find such a wonderful method to fast forward the growth and development of the people she works with. She takes joy in birthing you through to your fully empowered self, released from the hurt of parting, bringing you to the best you can be and truly enriched with wholesome love for yourself and deep passion for your future life.

She particularly enjoys working with fellow therapists.

Heather Garbutt