Episode 46 – Revolutionising Love: Healing Trauma for Healthy Connections


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Welcome to Revolutionise Your Love Life. In this series, we explore love relationships and share with your words of wisdom from experts from around the globe.

In this episode of “Revolutionise Your Love Life,” host Heather Garbutt and guest Kat Peckitt, a clinical psychology doctor and trauma specialist, discuss the profound effects of unprocessed trauma on relationships. They explore how early life experiences and attachment styles shape one’s ability to form healthy connections, and how trauma can manifest in relationships through patterns of protection, survival mode, and emotional numbing. They also touch on the importance of emotional safety in therapy, the role of EMDR in processing trauma, and the cultural shift towards prioritising emotional health. The conversation extends to the work of Dr. Lisa Miller on spirituality’s impact on the brain, the complexity of love, and the hope for a more connected and compassionate future.

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