Episode 50 – Navigating Co-Parenting: Insights for a healthy relationship with Bradyn Caires


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Welcome to Revolutionise Your Love Life. In this series, we explore love relationships and share with your words of wisdom from experts from around the globe.

State of Overwhelm: Gentle & Deep Relaxation

In this episode of “Revolutionize Your Love Life,” Heather Garbutt talks with Brandyn Caires about improving co-parenting post-divorce. Caires, a therapist and Parent Team co-founder, discusses breaking negative cycles and fostering a new, healthy dynamic for the benefit of children involved. She introduces a workbook and course created by Parent Team, designed to aid co-parents in communication, financial management, and establishing two harmonious homes. The tools offered aim to provide early intervention and encourage self-awareness, ultimately supporting the well-being of families navigating co-parenting challenges.