In last week’s live seminar with Katherine Woodward Thomas, she shared with us what’s possible for all of us in love. If you missed it, which is quite possible if you are based in the UK, then you can now watch it live by clicking this link:

Your heart is healed and your life is transformed by the presence of this beloved, unique person who has somehow magically entered your life and chosen you — and you, them. 

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine is having a free online, live Q&A, on Thursday 15th April, at 5pm Pacific time. This does mean it’s at 1am UK time but if you’d like to send in your questions ahead of the event, just click on the link below:

 If you’d like to join the event, just click on the link below. Please note that there will also be a recording you can listen to and that the book study group has been designed to suit Europeans and is at 8pm to 10pm GMT.