Have you been following all the Magazine suggestions on how to find true love? Have you joined a dating app and made your online profile? Are you sifting through hundreds of unsuitable possible partners? Have you made a list of all the attributes we want in a romantic love partner?

That’s a brilliant start but this is such a small fragment of what is needed to call in true love. You are likely attracting the same, same old, same old, or there’s nobody suitable at all. 

Listen to me and Eva in this 10 minute discussion on the difference between Wish Lists and Intention:

Your wish list is just that and only head-based, as if you were shopping for groceries. What we really need to be doing is setting an intention. This is a heart and soul level commitment to yourself under a statement to the universe about how you want to be, love and live.

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Love and Relationship Coach

My name is Heather Garbutt and I send you my love and wish you every success in the search for your true love. If you would like guidance on attracting, true, committed and healthy romantic love,  contact now me on Heather@heathergarbutt.com.