The 21st June is the day we have been advised that our lives could return to some form of normality.

To many of us, this means looking forward to seeing friends and family again, maybe even going to parties. But, how is our social persona really going to cope?

For a year now, we have got acclimatised to socialising digitally and by taking life at a slower pace, we no longer have the social stamina we used to. Many of us are wary and even anxious of restarting our social lives.

So, how do we handle the post pandemic expectation of socialising?

How do we dress? How do we speak? Is it going to be like losing a limb and learning to walk all over again? Are we going to suffer from “post pandemic stress disorder?”

To read more about things you can do to address any feelings of anxiety you may be having about lockdown ending, please click on the link below, where I have contributed to an article in The Metro:

Our social batteries have lost charge in the pandemic – how do we restore them?

Please continue to look after yourselves during these new phases of the pandemic journey.