I certainly don’t need to tell you how explosive the Harry and Meghan interview was. However, aside from the 2 key points everyone is talking about, there was something that I picked up on – Harry’s comment on his “space” relationship with his brother.

The concept of space in a relationship, whether that’s in the context of families or romance, can be exactly what is needed.

In conflict, our nervous system is aroused to fight and flight, the blood goes to the back of our heads and away from our cognitive thinking brain. Sometimes we need time for our thinking brain to be restored, so that we are reflecting and communicating from a more mature point in ourselves.

It’s really important in resolving conflict to take the time to calm down, be on the other person‘s side for a while; seeing it from their viewpoint.

To read more about how making “space” in a relationship can sometimes be what is required, please click on the link below to read my contribution to Metro newspaper:

Please continue to look after yourselves during these challenging times. I do truly believe there is some light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.