Heather Garbutt Contribution to Stylist Magazine

Early stages of a relationship can be the most exciting and joyful times – butterflies in your tummy and all those new experiences you are sharing for the first time. The honeymoon period should be quite magical but when is the right time to let in close friends and family?  Are you concerned that your partner hasn’t made a move to do this yet?

There’s no such thing as a set time but if you are feeling concerned that your partner seems reluctant to open the doors, then you must discuss it with them. Don’t assume they are hiding something from you, they may actually be afraid of specific people that are close to them.

Everyone has a different relationship with their family and friends, and it’s important to respect any boundaries or privacy that your partner may want to keep.

However, you need to be honest about what you expect from the relationship and communicate those needs.

Read more about the right time to be introduced to friends and family, in your new relationship, in this article I contributed to on the Stylist: https://www.stylist.co.uk/relationships/stashing-dating-trend-relationships/624621

If you genuinely feel that your new partner is hiding something from you and doesn’t want to make a commitment, then it’s possible they aren’t “The One”.